40 overs friendly Bluemantles v The Moose
Wednesday, August 06 2014 (13:27) at The Nevill
The Moose Won By 2 wickets
Bluemantles won toss and decided to bat
Pullan Tc Ogden Tomb McGahan M11
Iqbal Ib Fisher L19
Baxter Tb Howie J10
Churton Tb Kearney P23
Jhasarathakumar L+c and bFisher L6
Harbig Rb Kearney P31
Soucek Qb Hinchcliffe C20
Pullan Bb Howie J12
Brocklehurst T*c Unknownb Hinchcliffe C6
Quintana Jb Howie J7
McAllister Rnot out12
Extrasb1 lb2 w32 nb5 pen040
Total (39.1 overs)197
Fisher L9.024524 (8)0 (0)
McGahan M6.002613 (3)0 (0)
Ogden Tom6.013402 (2)3 (3)
Howie J10.113933 (3)0 (0)
Kearney P5.003127 (12)0 (0)
Hinchcliffe C3.001923 (4)2 (2)
The Moose
Rudkin Hb Harbig R54
Brown Cb McAllister R2
Hinchcliffe Cc Brocklehurst Tb McAllister R4
Munro Lc Pullan Tb Soucek Q0
Biker Sb Pullan T53
Kearney Pc Brocklehurst Tb Pullan T3
Fisher Lc Jhasarathakumar Lb Pullan T22
McGahan Mc Pullan Tb Quintana J2
Howie Jnot out13
Ogden Tomnot out1
James A*+
Extrasb5 lb0 w6 nb0 pen011
Total (26.1 overs)165-8
Rudkin H - 50(38) Biker S - 50(59)
McAllister R6.003321 (1)0 (0)
Soucek Q5.013014 (4)0 (0)
Harbig R6.004111 (1)0 (0)
Pullan T7.104330 (0)0 (0)
Quintana J2.001310 (0)0 (0)
Weather: Rain delayed pitch drying in sun & breeze Pitch: not reported
Umpires: I Fraser
Scorers: DJ Gittings & W Osman