Friendly Bluemantles v Old Amplefordians
Tuesday, August 04 2015 (10:55) at The Nevill
Bluemantles Won By 99 runs
Bluemantles won toss and decided to bat
Burrough G*+c Clapham Jb Saville T58
Marriott Tobyc Greaves Ob Ainscough J14
Ashe-Jepson Lc Ainscough Jb Lush J12
Wheeler Wb Ainscough J89
Hopkins Glbwb Saville T0
Fitzgerald Hc Fitzherbert Bb Saville T22
Browning Wc Weddell Sb Ainscough H33
Boulter Rb Clapham J14
Grave Glbwb Clapham J17
Ray Anot out1
Rowling Rst Greaves Ob Clapham J6
Extrasb5 lb4 w10 nb5 pen024
Total (52.1 overs)290
Ainscough J16.036720 (0)1 (1)
Lush J8.005210 (0)2 (2)
Saville T8.023636 (6)0 (0)
Ainscough H9.025811 (2)0 (0)
Fitzherbert B1.001600 (0)0 (0)
Clapham J9.114930 (0)2 (2)
Darbishire M1.00301 (2)0 (0)
Old Amplefordians
Darbishire Mb Rowling R28
Weddell Slbwb Rowling R20
Fitzherbert Bb Rowling R0
Lush Jlbwb Ray A4
Greaves O+b Hopkins G23
Saville Tc Burrough Gb Ray A6
Phillips S*b Fitzgerald H75
Madden T (OA)b Fitzgerald H17
Ainscough Hc Browning Wb Fitzgerald H0
Clapham Jnot out4
Ainscough Jc Burrough Gb Fitzgerald H0
Extrasb6 lb2 w6 nb0 pen014
Total (45.3 overs)191
Rowling R11.015031 (1)0 (0)
Ray A6.004221 (1)0 (0)
Grave G13.062900 (0)0 (0)
Fitzgerald H10.322741 (3)0 (0)
Hopkins G5.003511 (1)0 (0)
Weather: sunny and windy Pitch: hard and patchy, used
Umpires: I Fraser & M Austin
Scorers: DJ Gittings & NoneProvided