Friendly Bluemantles v The Moose
Wednesday, August 05 2015 (10:36) at The Nevill
The Moose Won By 56 runs
The Moose won toss and decided to bat
The Moose
Morten Sb Hopkins G4
Bailey Dc Hobden Cb McSweeney C91
Brown Cc Aitkinhead Nb McSweeney C59
Elliott Nlbwb Fitzgerald H26
Butcher Clbwb Hobden C11
Howie J*c Hopkins Gb O'Donnell A13
Fisher Lc Hopkins Gb O'Donnell A5
McGahan Hc Hopkins Gb O'Donnell A19
Harris Rc Fitzgerald Hb McSweeney C14
James A+c Fitzgerald Hb McSweeney C18
Ogden Tomnot out0
Extrasb2 lb3 w8 nb2 pen015
Total (52.3 overs)275
Hopkins G6.003612 (2)0 (0)
Francis J5.012502 (2)1 (1)
Marriott Toby3.003102 (2)1 (1)
O'Donnell A13.027331 (1)0 (0)
McSweeney C8.314640 (0)0 (0)
Fitzgerald H7.042511 (1)0 (0)
Hobden C10.023410 (0)0 (0)
Hobden Cc Butcher Cb Howie J56
Fitzgerald Hc James Ab McGahan H1
Boulter Rb McGahan H7
Aitkinhead Nb McGahan H1
Edwards Ac Bailey Db Butcher C30
Marriott Tobyc Fisher Lb Howie J24
Burrough G*+c James Ab Howie J7
McSweeney Cst James Ab Howie J37
Hopkins Gst James Ab Howie J25
Francis Jrun out11
O'Donnell Anot out0
Extrasb3 lb4 w10 nb3 pen020
Total (47.3 overs)219
Ogden Tom8.004000 (0)0 (0)
Fisher L13.033800 (0)1 (1)
McGahan H8.014531 (5)1 (1)
Howie J10.324751 (1)1 (1)
Harris R5.011801 (1)0 (0)
Butcher C3.002411 (3)0 (0)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: hard and patchy, used
Umpires: I Fraser & M Jenson
Scorers: DJ Gittings & Double scored